Daylesford Hotel

This majestic icon in the centre of Daylesford, has been lovingly restored by publicans, Anne-Marie and Graham.

A traditional pub, serving beautiful Australian pub food, with a range of Australian and imported beers, many on tap and an exceptionally good wine list.

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Eurovision Party Semi Final Number 1

Conchita wishing she was in Daylesford Australia right now!

Conchita wishing she was in Daylesford Australia right now!

Anyone who has not been able to get to Sweden for the 2016 Eurovision, is definitely wishing they were coming to Daylesford, Victoria where the largest regional Eurovision party is being held!

Come to The Drag Bar for the telecast of the first Eurovision Semi Final hosted by Mister Showmanship himself, Lance DeBoyle along with some very talented special guests, jugs of cocktails, karaoke competitions and fantastic awards for best costume.

Do. Not. Miss. This. 

Semi Final 2 will be hosted on Saturday night with the Grand Finale on Sunday. So get dressed up as your favourite act, country, drag queen or Eurotrash star and celebrate in the greatest singing competition on earth.